inspiring Business Integrating Solutions Ltd is an international consulting firm and training provider.

Established in 2012, we have been helping our clients develop sustainable practices, which deliver sustainable results.

Based in the UK, iBIS works collaboratively with our clients across the word. With a strategic focus on Operational Excellence and Leadership Development.

About iBIS
Get big results with iBIS Business Transformations

iBIS operates across the business enterprise.

New Product Development & Introduction, Supply Chain Development, Demand & Supply Optimisation, and Organisation Capability Development.

We align principles, practices, and processes with the desired levels of performance.

Programme Planning & Design
  • Desired future state leadership capabilities
  • Current state Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Interview key stakeholders to get Voice of Customer
  • Create a Development Plan
  • Programme Design Specification customer sign off

Global Impact

We have delivered transformation programmes across Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia Pacific since 1995.
Global transformation programmes delivered by iBIS since 1995

Scalability and Flexibility

Our network of associates enables us to respond rapidly to our client’s needs.

iBIS Associates
Get big results with iBIS Business Transformations

Our core values: Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

Our network of associates enables us to respond rapidly to our client’s needs.

iBIS. What's in a name?


We provide our clients with products and services that allow them to achieve their full potential. We deliver the methodology; the client provides the vision and the will to make it happen.


We work with socially responsible companies who want to improve their performance. We achieve this aim by re-engineering business processes with the aid of the employees. We develop the leadership team who in turn develop their people. The positive engagement of the staff creates better ways of working and improves morale.


Our approach aligns the needs of the business, individual and the group. We help our clients implement an Operational Excellence mindset, which includes a common set of standards throughout the organisation. We focus on aligning Principles, Practices, Processes and Performance.


We believe our clients have the ability to solve their own problems, they just need to be heard. We help our clients create the right environment and the right behaviours, to ensure the delivery of the right results.

Thoth the Egyptian God

Thoth played many vital and prominent roles in Egyptian mythology, such as maintaining the universe and guarding Ra the sun god.

In ancient Egypt, Thoth was associated with the arbitration of godly disputes, the system of writing, the development of science.

In art, he was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis bird!

We at inspiring Business Integrating Solutions (iBIS) also use a scientific technique to assist our clients in expanding their personal knowledge of themselves.

We assist people in a respectful and non-judgmental manner that values all diversity.

Drawing by Shelbe Hosking

Thoth the Egyptian God, created by Shelbe Hosking

Meet the team

Winston Brown

Winston Brown

Winston Brown is the founder of inspiring Business Integrating Solutions (iBIS), a managing consultant, and a black belt lean six sigma senior coach. In 1990, he began his own personal journey leading continuous improvement projects in the automotive industry. He enjoys designing, developing, and delivering tailored programmes, which change thinking and behaviours. He has successfully implemented breakthrough improvement projects within several industries. He has deployed continuous improvement operating systems for clients in the automotive, life science, pharmaceutical, aerospace, logistics and agrochemical sectors. He has delivered both financial and non-financial benefits across the business operating model including product development, engineering, procurement, production & supply, and logistics.

In 2004, Winston attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering with first class honours from Coventry University. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Practitioner of the Chartered Quality Institute. Winston was trained in the practice of client-centred consulting by Bill Evans. A key belief in this approach is, ‘The client has the ability to solve their own problems, they just need the wherewithal’.

Winston also believes in diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) and actively encourages leaders to create the right environment, for their employees to feel safe and have a voice. Winston helps leaders see the ‘BIG Picture!’, which enables them to align principles, practices, processes with the desired level of performance. This is the founding principle on which he designs all his client’s solutions.

Winston uses the client’s current business challenges as the means for developing the leaders and their teams. He follows the Japanese management principles of kaizen (continuous improvement) and jishuken (self-learning) to transfer knowledge and build a person’s capability. Leaders who are more aware of themselves and their impact on others are more capable of delivering sustainable performance improvements.

Winston is also an author. In 2023, he published his book, ‘Kaizen for Personal Growth Development’. This book provides the reader with a road map for creating a better home and working environment. It enables the reader to discover their self-value, to use their learning & insights to help their own development, and the development of others.

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Shelbe Hosking

Shelbe Hosking

Shelbe Hosking is the creator of SAH Arts and is a project manager at inspiring Business Integrating Solutions (iBIS) Ltd. In 2017, she completed the Quality 4 Life Self Improvement Programme to help her overcome her challenges of her mental health and personal crises.

The programme enabled her to find her identity and learn new skills and gain self-confidence to deal with the challenges in her life. This newfound belief allowed her to release her creativity, and this is when she started painting. The paintings enabled her to be seen and heard for the first time as the artwork captured her story which made it easier for others to understand.

Shelbe created SAH Arts to give others the opportunity to express themselves and to be heard. This is important to her as through her experiences the most difficult thing she found was not being valued. Since being listened to, Shelbe is now seen for who she is and over the years her confidence and self-value has grown.

Shelbe is passionate about mental health and domestic abuse and tries to help people suffering with similar issues. She uses her own personal experiences and the Quality 4 Life Self Improvement Programme to help others. These solutions are built around the principles of continuous improvement and self-learning. She has qualifications in understanding peoples mental health, domestic abuse, lean organisation management techniques and leadership.  

Shelbe supports the mental health awareness within the family environment as well as the working environment. She uses art as a means for people’s voices to be heard. The act of painting allows people to release their emotions by making them more visual. People are drawn to the image which allows the person to be heard and to engage in deeper conversations. Shelbe creates the right environment where people feel safe to express their emotions.

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